Curriculam and Assessment Parameters



                                                        TERM – I


          Unit Test – I                                          10

     Note Book Evaluation                              05

     Activities                                                   05

     Half Yearly Exam                                    80

     Total                                                        100







                                                          TERM – II


          Unit Test – II                                         10

     Note Book Evaluation                              05

     Activities                                                   05

     Final Exam                                               80

     Total                                                        100







   TERM – I + TERM – II               

            100 + 100 = 200

   Cumulative  Result

            200  2 = 100





1.        Students are prepared forthe Central Board of Secondary Education (ClassesX, XII).


   2.    Theexamination from 2017-18 onwards would be conducted as per the remodeled

           assessment structure notified by the CBSE. Accordingly there will be -

           (i)  A final examination and internal assessment based on periodic tests, notebook

                 submission and subject enrichmentactivities (speaking & listening skills for the

                languages and practical lab work, project work etc.)

          (ii)  The School will promote co-curricular activities which will be graded ona 5 point

                 grading scale (A-E).

                  These activities will include Work Education(community service), Art Education.

          (iii)  Due emphasis shall be placed on Discipline, attendance, sincerity, goodbehaviour

                  and values. Each student shall begraded for the same.


    3.   For promotion, a child should obtain 40% marks in each subject, in each term and in



    4.   75% attendance is compulsory for promotion.


   5.   There can be no anticipation or postponement of any evaluation. Whenstudents are ill

           theyshould          not be sent to answer anyexams. In the case of illness, the final result will

           besettled on the basis of the academic year’s performance.

          Students absent during examination assessment testwithout informing the

         Principal or presenting a medical certificate will not be awarded anymarks.


   6.   Serious action will be taken if the marks/grades are tempered with.


    7.   Wilful breach of any of the regulations pertaining to the conduct of the examination/test

          is punishable.


   8.   Result declared at the end of the academic session will be final in allcases and will not